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Top 10 spots related to popular souvenir shops in Kagawa

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There are many sightseeing spots in Kagawa that you should visit when you come to Kagawa, such as Kagawa Bussan Kuririn-an, Shikoku Shop 88, and Roadside Station Shodoshima Furusato-mura. Of the many sightseeing spots in Kagawa, we introduce the best spots for those who are interested in souvenir shops, in order of popularity and attention based on word-of-mouth reviews and number of accesses by tripnote users.

1. Kagawa Products Store Kuririn-an


Antenna store selling specialty products of Kagawa Prefecture

The Kagawa Products Museum Kuririn-an (Ritsurin-an) is located in the free area by the east gate of Kuririn Park. It is an antenna store dealing with Kagawa Prefecture's specialties, from classic products that all Kagawa residents are familiar with to sweets, foodstuffs, and sundries, etc. The best products for souvenirs are available here.

2. Shikoku Shop 88


Sells over 2,700 souvenirs from Kagawa and other parts of Shikoku

The Takamatsu Symbol Tower complex is a short walk from JR Takamatsu Station. Located on the first floor of Maritime Plaza Takamatsu in the complex is Shikoku Shop 88 (Hachihachi). It sells more than 2,700 Shikoku souvenirs, mainly from Kagawa, but also from Tokushima, Ehime, and Kochi.

3. Roadside Station Shodoshima Furusato Village


Stay-and-experience tourism and recreation facilities

A stay-and-experience type tourism and recreation facility where visitors can enjoy the five elements of "play, experience, stay, eat, and buy" by taking advantage of its superb location with the Seto Inland Sea spread out before their eyes.

In addition to activities such as sea kayaking and fishing, visitors can pick strawberries and try their hand at making handmade udon noodles. In addition, there are facilities where you can taste local specialties and gourmet foods, such as a product and hand-pulled noodles pavilion, as well as an auto-camping site, a family swimming pool, tennis courts, a playground, and a gymnasium. Visitors can spend a unique time in the Seto Inland Sea while watching the sunset, which has been selected as one of the "100 best sunsets in Japan.

4. 7-Eleven Kiosk Takamatsu Meihin Kan


Souvenir store with convenience store

7-Eleven Kiosk Takamatsu Meihinkan (Kiosk Takamatsu Meihinkan) is located inside Takamatsu Station and is recommended for those who want to buy souvenirs before boarding a train or highway bus. This souvenir store, which also has a convenience store, carries a variety of items, including standard udon noodles, famous confections, and daily sundries.

5. Yashima Parking Area


A well-equipped service area with a view of the Seto-ohashi Bridge

This parking area is located almost in the center of the Seto-ohashi Bridge. You can stop by from either the upstream or downstream direction, and the large parking space can accommodate 60 large vehicles and 336 small vehicles. You can look up at the bridge from the observation deck, and you will be able to see a magnificent view of the bridge that you cannot see just by crossing the bridge! The observatory also offers a beautiful view of the Seto Inland Sea. With a wide variety of restaurants and souvenirs from the four prefectures of Shikoku, this is a must-stop service area when crossing the Seto Ohashi Bridge.

6.kitahama blue stories


We have a variety of works and crafts by artists living in Kagawa and Setouchi area.

We have stylish items such as works and crafts by artists living in Kagawa and Setouchi area.

You can also get mugs used at the popular Umie café restaurant in the Kitahama alley, syrups made from Kagawa-grown plums and Tokushima-grown sudachi, and other specialty products made from Kagawa ingredients.

7. Sanju Izutsu Yashiki


The experience of molding wasanbon is also popular! A facility that serves as a base for exploring the streets of Hiketa

This facility serves as a base for exploring the streets of Hiketa. The facility is a renovated merchant house that has been making soy sauce and sake since the Edo period (1603-1868), and visitors can see the tatami room and garden of the main building as it was in those days. Visitors can also try their hand at molding "Sanuki Wasanbon," a specialty of Hiketa, and making their own original gloves.

In addition, a store in the warehouse sells local products, and shaved ice made of wasanbon is also available for purchase at the rest area.

8. Udon and Strawberry Village: Roadside Station Takinomiya


Local restaurants and a strawberry sweets store!

Grand opening on March 28, 2021! Equipped with a parking lot for 151 cars, it features a Sehul Udon restaurant unique to Kagawa, a local cuisine restaurant, a souvenir shop, a farmer's market selling fresh vegetables and fruits, and a "Ufu Ichigo" sweets store.

9. Roadside Station Fureai Park Mino


Family fun with "Cosmoland Mino" for kids and natural hot springs.

This roadside station is located at the foot of "Yatani-ji Temple," the 71st temple of the Shikoku Sacred Sites. It has "Cosmoland Mino," a 134-meter-long athletic playground, a 115-meter-long roller slide, and a two-seater monorail that runs at a speed of 4.5 km per hour on a 600-meter-long rail. In addition, there is a "product center" with a wide selection of souvenirs from Kagawa and Shikoku, restaurants, a day spa "Daishi no Yu" and a heated swimming pool that can be enjoyed all year round. The roadside station is a place where the whole family can enjoy the day.

10. Roadside Station Toyama


Also has Wasanbon Oiri-Soft, which won first place in Shikoku in the Road Station Soft Serve Ice Cream General Election 2018!

Roadside Station Toyohama, located in Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture, is situated on the border with Ehime Prefecture and is the western gateway to Kagawa Prefecture.

There is an "Oshan Shokudo" where you can enjoy sashimi and rice bowls made with fresh local fish, and a "Produce Museum" where you can purchase popular souvenirs. At the Products Hall, visitors can enjoy Wasanbon Oiri soft serve, which won first place in the Michi no Eki soft serve ice cream general election 2018 in Shikoku. You definitely should not miss out on this lovely looking and tasty soft serve ice cream.

From the observation plaza, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea. At the "Sacred Place for Gold Holders," you can write down your wishes and pray for good fortune! Please try praying there!

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