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Ranking of Top 10 spots related to popular souvenir shops in Nara

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There are many tourist attractions in Nara that you should visit when you come to Nara, such as Hari Terrace Roadside Station, Asuka Roadside Station, and Uda Roadside Dauda Roadside Station. Among the many tourist attractions, we introduce the best spots for those who are interested in souvenir shops, in order of popularity and attention based on the word-of-mouth and number of accesses by tripnote users.

1. Roadside Station Hari Terrace


Large roadside station with day spa facilities

Michi no Eki Hari Terrace is a large roadside station located at the Hari Interchange on the Meihan National Highway, a motorway connecting Tenri City to Kameyama City in Mie Prefecture.

Surrounding the parking lot, which can accommodate 500 vehicles, are stores selling local specialties and agricultural products, cafes, restaurants, and day-trip hot spring facilities, attracting many people who stop by for a break during a drive or for sightseeing.

2. Roadside Station Asuka


Asuka Village Tourism Hub

Roadside Station Asuka, located in front of Kintetsu Asuka Station, is the base for sightseeing in Asuka, equipped with a tourist information center, a direct sales shop for agricultural products, restaurants, and other facilities. The facility originally located in front of the station was upgraded, a parking lot was built, and the station opened as a roadside station in September 2018.

3. Roadside Station Uda Road Dauda


You can taste soft ice cream made from specialty blueberries!

Michi-no-Eki Udaji-Ouda is equipped with a store selling local specialties, local sake, and famous confections, a direct sales shop for agricultural products, a restaurant, a snack corner, and a footbath with a natural hot spring. Visitors can also enjoy soft-serve ice cream made from local blueberries. The Daewoo Blueberry soft serve ice cream has the refreshing flavor of blueberries. The acidity is moderate, but the pulp is also present.

4. Roadside Station Katsuragi


A roadside station with a large direct-sale produce stand and food court

Michi no Eki Katsuragi is a new tourist attraction that was established in 2016 on the outskirts of Katsuragi City. Equipped with a large direct sales stand for agricultural products and a food court, it attracts many visitors from inside and outside of the prefecture. The direct sales of agricultural products includes not only fresh local vegetables and fruits, but also a wide range of prepared and processed foods, local sake, and even plants. From winter to spring, many locally grown strawberries are sold, and many people buy them as souvenirs. The food court offers a wide variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch, and teatime. For lunch, the "Healthy Obanzai Set Meal" (750 yen), which offers a choice of six obanzai dishes made from local vegetables, is very popular. Other dishes include pizza, udon noodles, and rice bowls, so feel free to try them.

5. Tenpyo Mitsuki-kan


If you want to buy souvenirs at the Heijo Palace Site, go here!

Tenpyo Mitsukikan has a store where you can buy Nara's specialties, a bus waiting area, and a tourist information center. The specialty store offers a wide variety of sweets made from Nara's famous products, such as Yamato tea and persimmons, as well as sundries and locally brewed sake.

6. Roadside Station Resty Karako-Kagi


There is also a viewing facility overlooking the Nara Basin!

Roadside Station Resty Karako-Kagi features a store selling fresh local vegetables, fruits, flowers, and specialties, a cafe, and a bakery. There is also an observation facility with a view of the Nara Basin and a road information corner, so please stop by during your drive.

7. Asuka Dream Market


Souvenir shops and restaurants in Ishibutai area

Asuka no Yumeichi is a souvenir shop and restaurant located in the Ishibutai area, with a store on the first floor selling a variety of fresh local vegetables, fruits, processed goods, and handicrafts. Rice and fresh vegetables harvested in Asuka, a rice-producing region, are popular. The restaurant serves lunch using Asuka's rice and ancient rice, and is frequented by many people, especially on holidays.

8. Yumekaze Hiroba in front of Todaiji Gate


Good for souvenir shopping and lunch!

Located right in front of Todaiji Temple, famous for Nara's Great Buddha, this is a complex of 12 stores selling food, beverages and goods.

9. Tofu Jaya Hayashi


Dining & souvenir shop where you can enjoy eating tofu made with the finest ingredients.

A restaurant where you can eat tofu handmade at the Hayashi Tofu Restaurant factory. In addition to dining, you can find tofu, seasonings, sweets, products you can eat and sundries. Both the meal menu and the sweets menu are abundant, and you can enjoy a relaxing meal in the spacious restaurant. Tofu-making workshops are also available, so be sure to check it out!

10. Todaiji Monzen Ichiba


Shops where you can find unique local flavors

Todaiji Monzen Ichiba (Todaiji Monzen Market) is a facility similar to a "roadside station" that sells not only regular souvenirs but also local vegetables and handicrafts produced in Nara. If you are looking for souvenirs and local delicacies, please stop by!

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