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Top 4 spots related to popular souvenir shops in Shimane

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There are many sightseeing spots in Shimane, such as Karakoro Kobo, Gunkendo Iwami Ginzan, and Kirara Takiji Roadside Station, that you should visit when you come to Shimane. Among the many sightseeing spots in Shimane, we introduce the best spots for those who are interested in souvenir shops, in order of popularity and popularity based on word-of-mouth reviews and number of accesses by tripnote users.

1. Karakoro-Kobo


Experience manufacturing in a retro-modern building!

The former Bank of Japan Matsue Branch, built in 1938, is a retro-modern building that has been restored while retaining some of its original features. There are about 15 stores in the building, where you can try your hand at making Japanese sweets and accessories. There is also a "pink lucky post" that may bring you happiness if you take a picture with it.

2. Gunkodo Iwami Ginzan Main Store


Cafe and store in a renovated 150 year old merchant house

Gunkendo is a store that sells products related to clothing, food, and shelter while respecting the culture and simplicity of old-fashioned lifestyles. Gunkendo now has a nationwide presence, and its main store is located in the Omori district of Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine.

The main store is housed in a renovated 150-year-old merchant's house. The store fits perfectly with the retro townscape, and once inside, there is a nostalgic atmosphere.

Inside the store, visitors can purchase elegant and cute clothing, sundries, and bedding, or enjoy lunch and sweets while gazing out at the courtyard. We especially recommend the "Satoyama Omusubi," which are made with local ingredients and can be enjoyed in season. Other menu items include curry, cakes, and drinks.

3. Roadside Station Kirara Taki


Awarded 5th place in the nation in the Roadside Stations Ranking 2017

Kirara Taki (Taki) was awarded fifth place in Japan in the "Roadside Station Ranking 2017 by Travel Lovers". This is a roadside station popularity ranking of more than 1,100 roadside stations in Japan, organized by TripAdvisor. The secret of Michi no Eki Kirara Taki's popularity is said to be its outstanding ocean view. Right in front of the building, the horizon is filled with the ocean (Kirara Beach). White sandy beach and clear ocean. You can fully enjoy the splendor and beauty of the Sea of Japan. In addition, there is a restaurant where you can enjoy seafood rice bowls and a popular bakery that sells bread made from figs.

4. Tourist Center Izumo


Not far from Izumo Shrine! Many local gourmet foods and other souvenirs available.

Not far from Izumo Taisha Shrine, this tourist center offers a large selection of Izumo souvenirs. The center carries many items such as "Tawaramanjyu," a specialty of Izumo-taisha Shrine, "Dedication Tea," a good-luck charm, and goods of Shimane's local characters.

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