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Ranking of the top 7 spots related to popular souvenir shops in Tokushima

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There are many tourist attractions in Tokushima, such as Roadside Station Hiwasa, Roadside Station Oboke, and Aredeyo Tokushima. Among the many sightseeing spots in Tokushima, we introduce the best spots for those who are interested in souvenir shops, in order of popularity and popularity based on word-of-mouth and number of accesses by tripnote users.

1. Roadside Station Hiwasa


There is also a footbath! Sightseeing base in Minami Town

Located in front of Hiwasa Station on the JR Muki Line, Hiwasa Roadside Station Hiwasa is easily accessible to visitors by train. The footbath is located between the produce and product pavilions. The footbath uses hot spring water that springs on the premises and can accommodate up to 20 people at a time.

2. Roadside Station Oboke


A roadside station with a wide range of facilities for tourists to enjoy

Oboke Michi no Eki (Road Station) is a complex facility with a wide range of facilities for tourists to enjoy. The Michi no Eki Oboke is a complex of facilities for both children and adults, such as the Yokai Yashiki (monsters) House, which features yokai (monsters) from the local Yamashiro Town, and the Ishi (stone) Museum, which displays and introduces the geology of Oboke Gorge and its rocks, which are of great geological value.

At the sales corner, you will find not only local specialties, but also stone accessories and yokai goods, which are unique souvenirs of the area.

3. Aru deyo Tokushima


Awa Odori Kaikan (Awa Dance Hall) - Specialty products store on the 1st floor

The spacious store offers a wide selection of Tokushima Prefecture's famous confections, local sake, and delicacies. The store also sells products made from the famous sweet potato "Naruto Kintoki", sudachi (a type of citrus fruit), and yamamomo (a type of Japanese yam).

4. Roadside Station "Ai Land Udatsu


Taste ice cream and sorbet made with Tokushima Prefecture's specialties!

The "Roadside Station Ai Land Udatsu Aizo" has many souvenirs from Tokushima as well as a café corner. The ice cream and sorbet that you should definitely try here are made from Tokushima Prefecture's specialties. There are ice cream and sorbet made from local Tokushima products such as sudachi, mamakara, Naruto kintoki, mugwort, yuzu, and more.

By the way, "Mimakara" is a thick, tasty green chili pepper grown in Mima City, carefully sliced into rounds and slowly simmered with soy sauce, dried bonito flakes, sesame oil, and other ingredients.

5. Naruto Kanko Kisen (Uzushio sightseeing boat boarding area)


Souvenirs from Tokushima and Naruto are also available!

This is the terminal of Naruto Kanko Kisen, which operates the small underwater tidal boat "Aqua Eddie" and the large tidal boat "Wanda Naruto". The terminal houses a souvenir shop, offering a wide variety of Tokushima specialties such as Naruto's famous wakame seaweed, Naruto kintoki, and sudachi (a type of citrus fruit).

The store offers a full lineup of confections perfect for sharing, including manju (buns) made from Naruto kintoki and the "Ganso Meishou Narutokintoki" (10 pieces, starting at 1,080 yen including tax), which has a distinctive cardboard box. Recommended as souvenirs for colleagues and friends.

The shop also offers sundry goods, including items made from Awa Ai (Tokushima's specialty) and Awa Washi (Japanese paper). Of these, check out the Awa Ai for colorful items such as furoshiki (1,520 yen including tax) and tablecloths (small, 3,630 yen including tax).

6. Yoshinogawa Highway Oasis


Onsen (hot springs), souvenirs, and spectacular views! A comprehensive leisure facility located in a place rich in nature

A comprehensive leisure facility located in a rich natural setting, surrounded by mountains and with the Yoshino River flowing through it. Located along the Tokushima Expressway, it is also accessible from ordinary roads. The observatory commands a panoramic view of the flowing Yoshino River, and the select store offers a wide range of "good things from Shikoku" selected from an ethical viewpoint, and is recommended for souvenir shopping. The open-air hot spring "Minoda no Yu" offers a view of the Yoshino River. In addition, there is a campground, a farmers' market, a restaurant, and "Minoda no Fuchi," a natural monument designated by the prefecture as a place of scenic beauty, making it ideal for family trips and date nights.

7. Market Place


Specialty products from Naruto and Awaji Island are available for purchase.

Market Place is a store located inside Aoa Wonart Resort. In addition to specialty products such as Naruto kintoki and sudachi, you can purchase specialty products from Naruto and Awaji Island, such as "Shiso Wakame Furikake" (1 bag, 648 yen including tax) and fresh wakame seaweed from Naruto. For sweets, the "Naruto Salted Butter Sandwich" (8 pieces, 1,490 yen including tax) with salted butter and azuki bean cream is also recommended. You can enjoy the crispy texture, rich taste of salted butter, and slight flavor of azuki beans.

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