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Ranking of the top 10 spots related to popular souvenir shops in Wakayama

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There are many tourist attractions in Wakayama that you should visit when you come to Wakayama, such as Kuroshio Ichiba, Kaki-no-Sato Kudoyama Roadside Station, and Kuroshio Ichiba Wakayama MIO Branch. Among the many tourist attractions, we introduce the best spots for those who are interested in souvenir shops, in order of popularity and attention, based on word-of-mouth reviews and number of accesses by tripnote users.

1. Kuroshio Market


Facility featuring fresh seafood and a wide selection of Wakayama's specialties

Kuroshio Ichiba is a shopping and dining facility offering a wide variety of fresh seafood and Wakayama's local specialties, with stores, a food court, and a barbecue corner on the first floor, and buffet restaurants and Japanese restaurants on the second floor. Of particular note in the museum is the "Tuna Corner. Three times a day on business days, a tuna dismantling show is held, and the tuna is sold immediately as sashimi, sushi, rice bowls, and other dishes. Visitors can watch the dynamic dismantling show and taste the fresh raw tuna at the food court. The specialties corner offers a large selection of locally brewed sake, pickled plums, soy sauce, and confections. There are so many souvenirs related to Wakayama's famous plums that it is fun just to look at them.

2. Roadside Station Kaki-no-Sato Kudo-yama


The facility will have a direct sales shop for agricultural products and a bakery café.

A store selling locally grown fruits, vegetables, and specialties, and a bakery-cafe serving freshly baked bread, pasta, and curry are also available, making it a good place to stop by after a stroll around Kutoyama. You can also enjoy bread and soft-serve ice cream made from persimmons, a local specialty.

3. Kuroshio Ichiba Wakayama MIO Store


A store offering a wide variety of attractive products from Wakayama Prefecture.

Kuroshio Ichiba" may remind many people of the popular souvenir store in Wakayama Marina City, but it is actually also located in MIO, a shopping center attached to JR Wakayama Station. Entering the station through the entrance just inside the station from the ticket gate and proceeding to the back of the first floor, you will find an area where many Wakayama souvenir shops are located. Kuroshio Ichiba is located in one of the corners. There is a wide variety of attractive products from Wakayama Prefecture, mainly "Premier Wakayama" selected by Wakayama Prefecture, so please take a good look at more than just the souvenirs we have introduced.

4. Roadside Station: Seishu no Sato


Facilities honoring the achievements of "Hanaoka Seishu" and a buffet lunch

Seishu no Sato is a roadside station located in Kinokawa City in northern Wakayama Prefecture. It was established as a facility to honor the achievements of Hanaoka Seishu, a surgeon born in this area during the Edo period, and was registered as a roadside station in November 2015. On the premises, there is the "Shunrin-ken" (restored and relocated), a clinic and residence built by Seishu, a buffet restaurant, a store selling local products, and the Flower Hill Museum with an exhibition room, as well as a park with seasonal flowers in bloom. Suitable for a stopover during a drive, the park attracts many visitors, especially on holidays.

5. Kaisen Senbei Nanki


Also recommended for Shirahama trips! A hole-in-the-wall rest spot with a spectacular view

A good place to stop by for a break during your trip to Shirahama is "Kaisen Senbei Nanki" in Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture. Inside the store, where you can see the factory, you can sample and purchase rice crackers recommended as souvenirs, and even enjoy free coffee service while gazing at the spectacular view! If you want to take a break during a drive in Shirahama, this is a good place to take a break and enjoy the spectacular view.

6. Wakayama History Museum


Tourist information center, historical exhibition about Wakayama Castle and local people, tourist souvenir center, etc.

Wakayama History Museum opened in September 2015 in a corner of Wakayama Castle. Inside the museum, there is a tourist information center, historical exhibits about Wakayama Castle and local people, and a tourist souvenir center.

When you visit Wakayama Castle, please stop by to learn about the history of Wakayama as well as tourist information about the surrounding area!

7. Roadside Station: Manyo no Sato, Kino River


As in the fruit kingdom, many fruits and other agricultural products are on display.

The roadside station is a large roadside station with a riverbed in front of the station, where visitors can barbeque in the river park or take a break from hiking. In the sales area, you will find not only fruits and other agricultural products, as in the fruit kingdom, but also a variety of local specialties. The shop sells a variety of local specialties, such as Kakinoha Sushi and local Japanese sweets.

8. Mitsuyuki Shoten


Surprised by the "Shirasu-don", a bowl of rice topped with a generous amount of shirasu (baby sardines)!

This is one of the seafood restaurants and souvenir shops along the approach to Awashima Shrine. It is a very popular restaurant in the Kata area, where you can enjoy fisherman's rice such as "Awashima-don" with a lot of shellfish and "Shirasu-don" with a lot of baby sardines on top. And one of Mitsuyuki Shoten's specialties is "Wasabi Soup! It goes perfectly with the shirasu rice bowl. The shop also sells souvenirs such as marine products and Kata's local specialties.

9. Kishu Umeboshi Kan

In addition to factory tours, visitors can try their hand at making pickled plums and plum wine!

Kishu Umeboshi Kan, located in Minabe-cho, Japan's largest producer of plums, offers a factory tour of umeboshi production, as well as a hands-on experience of making umeboshi (pickled plums) for even one person. In addition, visitors can try their hand at making plum wine and plum juice, and the umeboshi shop, with its extensive tasting corner, is a great place to buy souvenirs.

10. Water Market


Sells goods useful for outdoor activities and original goods only available here

The "Water Market" offers a wide variety of more than 50 items, including fruits of the four seasons in Wakayama, goods useful for outdoor activities, and original goods that can only be purchased here!

It also sells meat and other items, making it a great place to buy meat for the BBQ area at "Roadside Station: Shikinosato Park"◎

The building itself is eye-catching with its unique shape, and the "Water Market" uses nature-friendly air conditioning that absorbs the vaporization heat from the adjacent pond and circulates the air to the wind cowl on the roof. The many hidden mechanisms for coexisting with nature are also a unique attraction of the "Roadside Station Shikinosato Park.

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